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12-10-2018, AandEF is awarded a grant from Galactic Unite

We applied for and got a grant from Galactic Unite, the outreach initiative of Virgin Galactic.  This grant money will be used to further our Rocketry program to more schools in New Mexico.  For more information on Galactic Unite and their website, please visit our Partners/Donors Page here.

10-15-2019, AandEF is donated R-1820 Radial Engines

A very generous donor in California has donated us Wright R-1820 Radial Engines.  These are a part of history as they powered the B-17 and DC-3 aircraft among many others.  We are working now to finalize the project plans to get at least one running and make a rotational cutaway (for demonstration purposes) out of others.

07-26-2019, Introduction to Rocketry Class

Explora is hosting us for the Introduction to Rocketry Class on July 26 and 27, 2019.  We will then launch at Balloon Fiesta Park on July 28th.  Please see our Events page for more details.

06-22-2019, NewMexico Science Fiesta.

New Mexico Science Fiesta was a huge success.  Thanks to Explora (Science Museum) for putting this very special event on for Albuquerque. Please click here to see more information about this fabulous family fun day!

06-08-2019, AI-25TL Successful first run!

After a very long road and extensive research and study, the AI-25TL was started for the first time in the USA.  Please visit the Projects Page to see more information about this journey and the video of the initial startup. Click here to see the AI-25TL project page with a video of the first ignition!

05-16-2019, Introduction to Rocketry class is scheduled

Introduction to Rocketry class will happen as a Summer Workshop:  July 26-28, 2019.

See the flyer for the class (click) here.

05-06-2019, Introduction to Flight class was super-success

The first foundation class at APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) "Introduction to Flight" was a grand success!  The kids were so sharp and extremely interested.  We had great lessons and fun experiments.  We should have videos and photos in our "Events" section shortly.  Kudos goes out to Ian...  his knowledge of aviation was extensive and he knew the Bernoulli Principle so well, I let him explain it to the class.  Please see his profile in our "People" section.

We should be repeating this class many times next school year (2019/2020) many times. 

Click here to see videos the kids made of the class.

3-18-2019, first APS class is scheduled

We have been working with APS for some time now developing a lesson plan to introduce "Flight" into the Albuquerque Public Schools.  This week long hands-on event will happen in Heather Garcia's classroom at Double Eagle Elementary, April 29th - May 3rd.  Each day will have a 1 hour session on each of the 4 forces of flight (Gravity, Lift, Thrust and Drag) with the last day culminating in an all-out flying fiesta in the gym with rubber band powered balsa gliders.

Anticipation is high and everyone is looking forward to an exciting week of lessons and experiments.

2-20-2019, A and E F registers for NM Science Fiesta at Explora

The Aviation and Education Foundation has registered for the New Mexico Science Fiesta, put on by Explora (the state's largest scientific hands-on museum).  NM Science Fiesta will be held on June 22nd this year, with a week of classes and career demonstration opportunities following.

We plan to have the APU for demonstration.  Getting younger generations involved in aviation is our key goal.

1-22-2019, first run of the 36-6 APU

After a long time of reading schematics, wiring and building we ran the 36-6 APU.  It was a bit scary since it had not been run before (by us) and we had no idea what it would do!  Putting jet fuel, ignition and 60,000 rpm all together can make one nervous when standing so close.  It ran perfect, now we have to finish up some wiring and mounting items.  Next test will try out the Bleed Air Valve that will make the unit ready to start other engines.  Please go to the Projects page to get more information and see photos of this project.  Please click here to go to the 36-6 APU project page!

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