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Honeywell 36-6 APU

We have been (very generously) donated 3 36-6 APU units by Norm Hill Aviation.  One unit we will get running and the other two are for parts.  This is an ongoing project and there are some pictures below.  We will be updating this page as we make progress.

Key objectives for this project are:  learning to read engine logs, maintenance manuals and schematics.  There is also extensive Electrical Wiring, Wood Working and Metal Working involved.


We have spent a significant amount of time tracing out wiring and documenting connections.  Trying to match these up to the available manuals is the tough part!


Our first idea was to use the cockpit control panel...  sounds magical, but decided it wouldn't work.  We are making a new, larger panel.  So far we have made a temporary wood stand to support the unit for working on it.


Our new panel below.  The Cockpit panel was just too small and crowded all the wiring behind it.  Our very limited budget requires us to use all items I have already or can get for free!


Getting the wiring finalized.  The Bleed Air Valve has also been added and wired up.


And finally, a test run video of the APU.  The first run was a success.    We made some adjustments an setup the bleed air valve to test on this run.  The ECU has a problem in the start latch, so I must hold down the start button until about 40% rpm.

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