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The Aviation and Education Foundation is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. 


Our mission is to provide access to and learning opportunities on actual aviation equipment so that students and educators may understand first hand the mysteries of flight.  We hope this will spur the interest and imagination to get more people involved in aviation.


We are assembling a group of fantastic individuals to support our mission.

All persons involved are volunteers that donate their time and resources to benefit the community.

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Bill Weber
Founder and CEO

Bill has been passionate about aviation since he was 3 feet tall.  He has flown professionally for several years, has over 3000 flight hours and holds an ATP rating.  He operates his own software (Product Lifecycle Management-Manufacturing) consulting company.

Kara Weber
Director - Secretary

Kara is a Certified Hand and Occupational Therapist.  Her drive, organization and ideas are a blessing for us. 

Aaron Hopkins
Director - Maintenance

Aaron is our Subject Matter Expert.  He is a mechanic for 10 Tanker (Fleet of DC-10 Firefighting Aircraft), supporting firefighting around the world.

Miha Oven
Director - Logistics

Miha is a world class long distance runner coming to us from Slovenia.  He has many years of experience moving outdoor gear and planning worldwide projects.  His creativity for getting things accomplished is well documented.

Dr. Nina Adjanin
Director - Education  

Nina has recently obtained her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology at Ohio University. She is passionate about distance learning in aviation, with a focus on flight simulation and virtual reality. 

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