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Ivchenko AI-25TL Project

Initially, Bill purchased an AI-25TL online with the idea to get it running on a test stand.  After many attempts to get support and information (with no luck), the idea was abandoned and the engine was sold to the Patriots Jet Team to support their fleet of 8 L-39 aircraft.

After extensive communication and negotiation with a European contact (and fellow jet enthusiast), Bill was able to purchase another AI-25TL to fulfill the dream of a running jet engine on a test stand.  The engine will make the Atlantic crossing to its new home.  This engine comes complete with a control box and manuals plus other support items.

The Honeywell 36-6 APU will be used to provide air to start the AI-25TL.

The new AI-25TL finally arrived after its long voyage.  This project has turned into a study of items and information provided, rather than a goose chase of parts and documentation.

Special thanks to Adrian Bennett, UK Jet Power and Bernd Rhen, Aero-Contact, Germany!


Trying to get the huge (and heavy) crate off the truck...  what do we do now???


It made the long overseas journey in good shape.  I think the hardest part was getting it up the driveway!!!


All unpacked and inspected...  ready to research, study and test systems.  Luckily, this engine came complete with all the needed manuals.  Next to the AI-25TL is the 36-6 APU that will provide air for starting.


There were many systems to check, understand and test.  These included:  purging all the old (and possibly bad) fuel and replacing with new fuel, changing the oil, mapping out the wiring of the control panel and rewiring the inverter that runs some of the instruments.  The sequence of starting events is a bit complex and is controlled by the timers and switches seen above.


Setting up and getting ready for the first run.

Above is the video of the first start.



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