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"Introduction to Rocketry" classes

AandEF is developing many lesson plans involving Aviation, Rocketry and Science.  "Introduction to Rocketry" class is aimed at elementary and junior high kids, 6th and 7th grades.  This class takes place at Explora (the state's largest science museum) for two evenings where we learn about rockets, physics and math concepts, then build rockets!  We then move the classroom outside to Balloon Fiesta Park where we discuss launch procedures and safety.  The students get a lab book filled with terms and documentation of model rocket operations.

This class is not about building a toy.  It is reinforced that all the concepts, physics and math are the same here as for real rockets launching into space.  We work with the F=ma equation (Newton's laws) as well as the big 5 kinematics equations to determine the peak velocity and altitude of the rocket launches.

Below are pictures and videos from the rocket launches at Balloon Fiesta Park on July 28th, 2019.  

Bill explains rockets.jpg

Some of the students prepare their rockets for flight using the preflight checklist.

Bill explains the launch controller.jpg

Bill explains the functions of the launch controller before launches commence.

Harper, our youngest, yet extremely gifted student makes his first launch.

Anthony launches his rocket.

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