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"Introduction to Flight" classes

AandEF is developing many lesson plans involving aviation and science.  "Introduction to Flight" is aimed at elementary kids, 1st to 5th grades.  So far, it is 1 hour per day for 5 days.  It discusses, demonstrates and experiments with the 4 forces of flight:  Lift, Drag, Thrust and Gravity.  The kids get a lab book with terms, definitions and experiments that they can take home for future reference.  We discuss and experiment with a different force each day with a lab on the final day in the gym where we put all the forces together and experiment with rubber band powered balsa gliders.  We encourage the classes to make videos in order to show family and friends.

Below are videos from Ms Garcia's 1st grade class (Double Eagle Elementary) during the week of April 29th, 2019.

Above is Lab Group 1 doing their experiments over the week

Above is Lab Group 6 doing their experiments over the week

Above is Ian explaining the Bernoulli Principle to the class (before it was presented)!

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