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New Mexico Science Fiesta, 2019

Explora (The state's largest science museum) puts on New Mexico Science Fiesta each year.  This year it was at the Fairgrounds in Albuquerque in the Manual Lujan Exhibition Center, June 22nd 11am to 5 pm.  Here is the link to the New Mexico Science Fiesta:

The turnout was great, with lots of interested kids.  We had a booth inside with experiments and demonstrations along with a fighter jet engine outside on display; and of course, the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) jet engine that we fired up.  Each hour we would discuss the science, engineering and operation behind the jet engine... then light it off.  This was a big hit with kids and parents alike getting to hear and FEEL the power!  How fun is science when you can get blown away by a jet engine!


Inside at the booth we experimented with the Bernoulli Principle to get a ping pong ball from one cup to another cup.


We also experimented with the four forces of flight by flying rubber band powered airplanes.

The "Magic Wind Pipe" was a favorite!  In this demonstration, there is a large pipe with air blowing out of it.  The kids would lift the disc up into the air stream (feeling the air pushing down on the disc).  As they lifted the disc toward the pipe, the air pushes harder and harder until at a certain point, the disc gets sucked up to the pipe!  Is it magic?  No, it is the Bernoulli Principle.


Our outside exhibit had an AI-25TL fighter jet engine on display as well as a large compressor turbine wheel.  And of course, the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) jet engine.

Each hour we would discuss how a jet engine operates and then give a sample of the heat, noise and power!

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