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People are most important to us.  We want to share experiences and provide the most opportunities we can for interested people, both young and old.

Future Aerospace Engineer and Astronaut - Ian

Ian was in our recent class “Introduction to Flight”.  His knowledge of aviation was so exceptional that we had to profile him on our website. 

“Ian has always loved flight. From shows like Superwings or City in the Sky to nonfiction books like Milestones of Flight by Tim Grove, he absorbs as much information as possible. He collects models of any plane and makes his own out of all sorts of materials. Ian has visited two aircraft carriers where he spends the majority of his time on the flight deck. He continues to find ways to develop his love of aircraft!”


Ian sporting his favorite airplane.


Ian reading about the Bell X-1, the first aircraft to break the sound barrier (1947).

Please enjoy Ian explaining the Bernoulli Principle with no prompting or practice to the rest of the class.

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