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"Introduction to Rocketry" class at S.Y. Jackson

AandEF hosted Rocketry for Ms. Moses' and Ms. Warrior's classes in October, 2019.  The kids had a great time and learned so much about building rockets, Newton's Laws and chasing rockets in Bear Creek Canyon!

We discussed all aspects of Rocketry including history, science, math and the engineering cycle of design.  Each student launched their rocket 2 or 3 times and took it home, along with their lab book.

Many students were so excited from the course they wanted to know more about local clubs and ways to continue to be able to launch their rocket.  It was a great class for all involved.  S.Y. Jackson Elementary preferred not to have any photos of the kids posted.

AandEF and the teachers are looking forward to future classes at S.Y. Jackson including "Introduction to Flight" and "Energy".

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